As one of the hair trends that were prevalent in the early 21st century, giving people a new and unique look from the first time they meet. Not only that, it has become one of the pioneering hairstyles for innovation in design and classic male hair structure, no more sloppy lines, no more stereotyping in designs and styles. shape. It is the appearance of this Slick Back hairstyle that has created a whole new trend in the male hair beauty industry, as well as marking a mature step of hair stylists after years of research, research and produces a groundbreaking hairstyle that underpins the development of a series of later male hair variants.

Like many classic hairstyles, SLICK BACK hairstyle has been and will become a popular modern style for men. Started appearing in the 30s of the last century, but to this day, SLICK BACK is still a popular hairstyle for men thanks to its simplicity and elegance. Because it is not too picky, it is suitable for many different subjects, so SLICK BACK hairstyle is increasingly asserting the classy beauty “accompanying years” that it brings to the appearance of men. Simple and smart, SLICK BACK was born for men who are looking forward to beautiful looks.


First appeared in northern Europe, formed from the classic hairstyle of the boys with a long hair and rolled back. In one accident, a barber cut the wrong part of the customer’s tail hair, to “fire”, he used waxed hair, pulled the entire hair from front to back, shaved 2 sides tomorrow , only retain some other components. When he finished his hair, the customer was very surprised about his hairstyle and before that image, he decided to change and make it a trend, a global phenomenon that is spread around the world.

That’s the formation of this hair line, but just the tip of the iceberg. Not every word of mouth can convince everyone to believe in the beauty of a hairstyle. For a time, this hairstyle was also rejected, eradicated in some Eastern cultures due to unsuitable habits and customs. However, time will change everything, with the rise of society and innovative thinking in both thinking and lifestyle, people have accepted this “loser” as an indispensable in beauty needs of men. This is the first step to mark the flourishing of this male hair.

Under the ingenious hands of the barbers and the creation of male hair experts, they launched a variety of different variations of the Slick Back hair line, not only that, it became “painted. Fever ”of young people throughout the following years as a standard of male beauty.

Classic slick back is famous for its neat, tidy. All your hair will be covered by high-gloss hair products, often using a pomade with a brush to comb back. This hairstyle is rarely seen today, but it is the perfect luxury for gentlemen.