If you look at it in a positive light, the hot summer weather is a great time of the year for us to renew ourselves. In addition to renovating the wardrobe with appropriate costumes and accessories for the summer, beautiful male hairstyles are also the first priority in that “image improvement”. If you’re wondering whether to start changing your appearance from the beginning, male hairstyles are the first thing you should be concerned about. Depending on the face and style you follow, there will be certain types of appropriate hairstyles, and believe that investing in a well-groomed hair will greatly change your appearance.


Short quiff hairstyle is called by brotherhood club with another name is sport hairstyle. Short quiffs have many similarities with modern quiffs, but are simple and give a more youthful look. The hair above is also cut short, about 5-10 cm, often applied fade or undercut for the hair on the sides and back. Not too picky like Undercut or pompadour. Short quiff has the advantage to suit most Vietnamese male faces. With a short length, the sides of the hair are trimmed, bevelled up, the gay section is cut high and the sideburns are cut short to reveal bored will make your face feel longer, more masculine. The upper hair is trimmed thinly, not too long nor will cause hot, more open in summer weather.


Side-part style has existed for a long time, but recently this style has come back and there are more variations to keep up the trend. Sidepart hair cut short or trimmed on both sides is also a good choice for the summer. Especially you like the polite, mature style. Dating back to the last century, there was a time the Side Part was associated with men in many countries as a default hairstyle. Through this period, they were gradually replaced with modern beautiful male hair styles and the classic Side Part hairstyles were gradually lost. Entering the 21st century, in order to meet the needs of beautiful male hair for men, Side Part hairstyles were born based on the classic style, and gradually, they were improved, created and enhanced. level suitable for the times.

You can combine with a style of sports fashion, office fashion, school effectively. Students who are looking for a nice male hairstyle but difficult because of the strictness of the school, parents, the Side Part will be very suitable for you, it is not only beautiful but also makes you become should be a serious young man.


Buzz Cut hair for many people is one of the bad and unattractive hairstyles, but it was one of the pillars of the beautiful male hair salon during the early years of the 21st century. In addition, Buzz Cut is also favored by many famous Hollywood actors and used as a representative for his appearance. Therefore, owning a beautiful male hairstyle, Buzz Cut, means that you have chosen the right path to become a true gentleman. The simple, convenient but powerful has made this hairstyle become the most prominent trend on the runway floor of spring-summer 2019. Depending on each person’s preference, Buzz Cut can change to suit many designs. different side. For guys who love this trend, they should often go to the salon to trim their hair neatly because they will be very long.


Some guys don’t want to have a slick look with cool hairstyles and brush them up like Quiff or Slicked Back. They want hairstyles with cool cuts, but they also don’t want to spend hours styling in front of a mirror in their bathroom. That’s why French Crop men’s hairstyles are getting more and more popular. This is quite simple with the trimmer gliding the hair on both sides as well as the back of the neck just enough to create a sharp, avoiding shaving to reduce the contrast to be noticeable with the length of the middle hair. The middle hair, you can transform in many different ways. If you want to look dusty, ask your barber to create a jagged cross-layer effect. This thinning is suitable for men who have thick or naturally curly hair.


Over the years and the changing periods of fashion, Mullet has always returned with surprises and has always become a trend. Dating back to the 17th century, when the 14th French King Louis wore mullet-styled wigs at the time, the movement of this bizarre hairstyle. In recent years, the artist hair is coming back and “dangerous” than ever. Not only stopping at the originality and creativity to suit the new era, fashion followers also transformed the Mullet head to become a clear declaration for the style of contemporary youth. Mullet men’s hairstyles for people with beautiful cheekbones, eyes with long tails. they want to draw gaze to the cheekbones, and the charisma of the eye. This hairstyle makes the neck clear and taller. Mullet Hair is for people who like freedom and a little wild personality.


To become a hot short hairstyle, Spiky must have outstanding characteristics. The first thing is coolness. This is a short male hairstyle, because of the close fade style similar to Undercut, it is especially suitable for hot and humid weather like in Vietnam. If you are a guy who likes to be active like participating in sports activities, then choosing a cool male hairstyle like Spiky male hairstyle is essential. Because of the short, simple, Spiky Hair hairstyle really suitable for any guy, any age, any working environment. The shortness creates masculine, strong and dynamic looks for the boys. If you are a business guy, an office boy, a student, a student, etc. then Spiky is the perfect choice for you.